No-Code October 22, 2020

How do you add FAQs on your pages?

Arijeet @faqlo

Hello NoCoders, i have built a simple FAQ builder which can be embedded on your website/pages which takes care of google schema and SEO as well, looking for some feedback , here is the link

Wondering how do you add FAQs on your pages ? What if users have questions which are beyond your FAQs how do they reach out , does adding a ask question form right there along with FAQs helps ?

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    With (no-code platform to build websites & web-apps) you get FAQ blocks out of the box, design wise customizable without any code. Check it out here -

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    Hi Subhajeet,

    I added an FAQ to my latest landing page, DevRel CMS; it's about 2/3 of the way down the page. I used insights from this article on designing better FAQ pages to decide on the questions and the order.

    For questions not included in the FAQ, I have a contact form toward the bottom of the page where users can submit questions.

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      Thanks, your website design at Siteoly is amazing tbh, cant find any FAQs though , do you have any page for this ?

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        Thankyou. - This is where I put the FAQs and other help related material.

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          Hmm questions hosted on gitbook are not searchable or user friendly, here are some great insights for FAQ pages:

          based on these issues i built where you can create a dedicated FAQ page which you can easily share with your customers, users can post questions at one place unlike you consolidating questions all over the internet, faqlo does this for you, also helps your customers with questions that they have not faced yet, hope it helps :)

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