Product Development June 28, 2020

How do you add subscriptions form to your landing page?


Hey folks, time to time I make a landing page to validate some ideas and I usually create myself a simple form for subscriptions + faunadb to avoid create a Mailchimp account or another "email" tool, setup DNS, etc... So I would like to know what tool do you use to create a simple subscription form?

You can checkout my subscription form here: I was even thinking on create a simple Saas to provide that with a easy copy + paste solution. What do you think?

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    Shameless plug - StaticForms. Add a form to your landing page any way you like, hook it's ACTION up to your unique StaticForms URL and you're good to go.

    Free to get started (and always reasonably priced). View and download submissions, get notifications when a form is submitted, hook it up to other applications through direct integrations or web hooks, and more. And secure - no having to put your email address on your website and drown in spam!

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    I use, create the landing page and add a form. (I built it :)

    For coming soon pages you can build one in 5/10 minutes and focus on more important tasks.

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    I believe validating ideas requires little more than a landing page. I would try creating a Typeform. The user upon understanding a basic idea on our landing page would be redirected to this Typeform. It is through this form we can understand what this member is learning from our website. It also helps us to create a communication channel to receive more feedback on your idea.
    Let me know what you think about this?

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      Makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

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    I use Integromat - - it's free to link your form data to be sent to your personal e-mail address.

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