Ideas and Validation June 2, 2020

How do you collect emails?

Arvind @heyarviind

Hi Indie Hackers,

When you guys launch coming soon landing pages and collect emails, what kind of service do you guys use?

I know about mail chimp but it only allows 1 free list

Is there any other service?

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    There are so many email services, that to me is all about what are you looking for and what you plan to do with those emails.

    You mention MailChimp. They are pushing hard to become one solution for all your marketing needs, services like CRM, Landing Pages, Ads Management and emails, transactional emails, and the list keeps going. This is also why their price skyrocketed in the past years. From my perspective, they are looking to gain shares from services like HubSpot.

    If you are looking for emails in an e-commerce context, I heard only good things about klaviyo. MailChimp also integrates with an e-commerce platform, 3rd party solutions for Shopify.

    If you are looking for newsletters and keeping in touch with those that signed up, maybe convertkit or mailerlite will be your target. That's what they do, email newsletters. Yes, they also provide landing pages.

    If you have a giant list of emails t for newsletters that you send on a daily, weekly basis, maybe a solution based on Amazon SES is better. Super cheap. EmailOctopus and Sendy come in mind for those types of solutions.

    I was also looking for something similar, and for my needs, I went with mailerlite.

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      Thanks for writing this up. I was researching options earlier to collect "waitlist" emails to notify those interested when I release features / new freebies. I simply wanted a cheap option to maintain a list of subscribers for a rare-occasion emails. I went with MailerLite myself because of pricing (free for first 1000 subs).

      @heyarviind - I'm a web designer, so I create my own landing pages and I opted for a MailerLite that has embeddable forms to will collect emails. But they, as well as many others have landing page builders too.

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