Writing Feedback February 1, 2020

How do you come up with interesting topics to write about?

Antonio Tropiano @tropianhs

I am trying to write a bit more content for Alfa Data.

We cover football (soccer) so every week I would like to write about a new topic/team. Usually there are many many things that happened and you can write about every week. Some weeks it's easy to pick one but most of the time you need choose the one you think will be the most engaging. How do you go about choosing which topic will be the most engaging for your audience?

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    Try reading comments on your posts and other people's posts in same niche, may spark some ideas.

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    Maybe write daily offtopic and surely some times you will find yourself getting pulled right back in. Consistency is key.

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    Do you actually follow the space? If yes, then you must have an opinion on what's going on, write about that.

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      Yeah yeah I do.
      I have so many ideas every week It's more about finding the one that will drive the most engagement really...

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    Ask the community what they are interested in reading about.

    Co-founder @ Scribbl.co

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      That's a good one thanks!