January 18, 2021

How do you create your company names?


I'm struggling to find my own.

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    I have a list of single words from the past few years that I keep in an evernote. Last year I went to add a word to the list, it was already on there. Now It's the name of my newest project.

    For me when I want to start a naming brainstorm, I write down names of companies I like. That are on my mind right then and there. I write them all down and look for similarities, look for patterns. I look for formats or emotions and I jot those down. I try to write why I like those names. What stands out to me from the list of ones I like? I answer that and jot it all down. I edit the reasons why, if I write it I sometimes don't agree, and have to erase and come back to it later or rewrite it better.

    I open thesaurus.com and dictionary.com as well.

    I use google translate for finding simple words, or actions, or emotions, in other languages.

    I ask myself, what feeling do I want someone to have when they use my product or are part of my company?

    I ask myself, what is the core, center, of it all? Not just the features and benefits, but like what's the existential core of this company or product?

    If the company is working for one particular group of people (writers, creators, moms, dads, teens) I ask how they identify themselves. I seek it out. I search for the words. The verbs and nouns. I look to twitter bios and profiles.

    For example:

    Nobody uses "Newsletterer" but they do use "Newsletter Writer" and "Newsletter Creator". But even more self-identifying.. they say "writer" and don't use the medium to define themselves. Japanese word for writer is "sakka"

    Sakka.com is available and a lot of domains

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    Names are surprisingly unimportant. The stupidest names look good only after they’ve built a bunch of brand equity into them. Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Apple, General Motors are all ridiculously bad in a vacuum but look good bc they are successful businesses. Just go with one that you don’t hate.

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    Thank you @AndrewKamphey and @cyberbadger, I'm going to mix your two strategies, find a name using the Andrew's methodology and make it official just by not hating it as said by cyber !

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