How Do You Distribute Your Content?

I am consistently reminded about the importance of content marketing and distribution models for us as Indie Hackers.

@osakasaul got me thinking about this again with his response to this post.

Content marketing plays a vital role in the early stages of any bootstrapped company.

Neil Patel emphasis the importance of the long game in content marketing as follows:

"Remember, content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience. You do this by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis."

So I have created a content marketing and distribution model that I am working towards.

Here it is:

Content Marketing Model

What do you think?

What does your content marketing and distribution model look like?

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    I think Harry Dry is the master of this, and he recently explained how he goes about it: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/0-19k-email-subs-how-i-promote-my-content-83a2be1707

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      Cheers Kevin.

      And enjoyed the diagram @gordon. Similar theme to mine. But some new ideas I'll look at implementing.

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        Thanks @harrydry. Always look forward to seeing your tips my man!

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      Thanks for this @Kevcon80. I saw this actually and @harrydry is doing a stellar job.

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      These are great examples @nscode. Thanks for sharing!

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    That looks a lot smarter and more organised than whatever I'm doing :P

    Basically this:
    Gather ideas -> Write stuff ->
    Expand said write stuff (Tweetstorm to Blog)
    or Shrink said write stuff (Blog to Tweetstorm)
    Focus on Twitter and IH

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      Thanks @witsuma. I don't know if it is 'smarter' or if it is too much also. I am not at the point where I am publishing according to this model just yet. Certainly a work in progress and something to work towards.

      You summed it up quite succinctly though so thank you ☺️ !

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        Ah the plans are useless model when real life happens. I bet you'll see more traction on some traction and can double down those. The content that each of those platform likes are not all similar.

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    Video ---> Podcast ----> Blog article (transcribed) ----> Twitter thread

    My tool automates this and soon much more: https://www.spreadtech.online/

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      Thanks for sharing this @LouTromans. Spreadtech looks great. I just signed up!

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        Thank you so much Gordon!

        Much appreciated - 2 questions...

        1. Can you link me to your content channels so I can best see how I can help you?

        2. How are you expecting Spread to help you most?

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          Thanks very much @LouTromans. Currently I am creating content here. It is mostly in the form of articles at the moment. I currently publish to my website and to Medium. I also manually make a twitter thread for each article now too.

          I think it would be great to automate (or at least semi-automate) some of this content distribution. As my content continues to evolve with video and audio, this will also become more important.

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            But you have plenty of content already made from what I can see. Loads of that can be repackaged and repurposed into more content.

            When you start with video and audio reply to this comment and I'll see if I can help you out with repurposing it for you manually until Spread is finished! :)

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              Thanks very much @LouTromans. Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing Spreadtech evolve!

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    I do a little of that. Making an infographic or making an audio version of a blog post: no. Haven't got time for the pain.

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      Haha thanks @osakasaul. Yes it is tough to be on top of it all. Building towards it is the key.

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    I don't have an ideal framework for distribution figured out yet. Here is my process so far:

    1. Make as good of graphics as I can. -- I feel like this is the key to everything. Poor graphics mean nobody will react.

    2. Twitter thread - key points from article with graphics. Link at the very bottom of the thread (thinking about removing entirely).

    3. Publish the article, include a link to twitter thread.

    4. I post here on IH

    5. Post on LinkedIN (Write a post)

    I have also tried posting to some Facebook groups, but have not seen any traction yet.


    So far, IndieHackers works the best. Most of my subs are coming from here.

    LinkedIN has been fairly useless. I don't have any interactions or visits to my articles from LinkedIN.

    Twitte has also been mostly quiet. Hardly anyone likes or retweets. Barely any traffic from Twitter.

    Interestingly, "write a post" was doing better than writing an article in terms of views.

    Honestly, I am a bit bummed about the process so far but I am working on figuring it out. If anyone has insights, would love to hear!

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      Thanks for this insight @genemachine. It is definitely a learning process to see what works on certain platforms vs others. I also find that the shorter posts do better here on IH vs longer form articles.

      Keep up the experimentation. Consistency is definitely the key also. Thanks for sharing this insight!

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    Great stuff. You did it next level

    I have also written a blog on How to create 8 social media posts with 1 twitter thread

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      This is great. Thanks so much for sharing @tejas3732

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      It can be. Although its still possible to create lots of original and supporting content yourself in the beginning stages of a business or project... would you agree?

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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          Ah yes for sure my man. Yes time is the biggest up front investment for sure. Great strategy at the beginning like you said!

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