Growth September 16, 2020

How do you do your email courses?

Logan Wright @lwrightjs

If I were wanting to do a post sign-up 4 day email course. How would I do that?

What do you normally do? Any tips or tricks?

Do you use Mailchimp automation? ConvertKit? How did you even go about learning how to do that?

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    Good question and I would love to help you.

    You need a 3 things. 1. Landing page to list the course 2.Lead pop up to capture emails address. 3. Email marketing tool to store emails and deliver the course.

    Here is how I did for my recently Launched email based course Side Hustle Beta: ( for which I am using my website as

    1. Landing page where course is listed.
    2. For capturing the emails of the customer, rather than using Lead Capturing tool I am capturing it via payment gateway like Instamojo ( Indian audience) and Gumrod ( for international).
      3 To store the email address I am using top email marketing tool ActiveCampaign (

    Thanks 😊 I hope this answers your question. Any doubts, do let me know.

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    These are def the most convenient ones, but if you'd like to go for cost-effective solutions, go with Amazon SES.

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      Thanks for the response. I have an email provider,I mean primarily how can I create some sort of marketing resource to do that. There are people who send onboarding emails and whatnot. This would be sort of like that.