March 13, 2019

How do you edit the database data in your project?


Lets say you want your team to edit an user info manually but you dont want them to edit the database directly using a GUI or running commands. What approach/solution people normally use?

Wondering if the "normal" approach is to build a custom solution or try to reuse a CMS that connects with your DB but i think is not 100% valid after all.

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    I typically do it all via scripts directly in the database but only after a code review.

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      Thats good too but i would like a GUI for non tech people in order to update, etc.

      Thanks for the help

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    It's important to record who/when/where update the user info.

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      Yeah, good point and useful if a disaster happens hehe.

      Thanks 😊

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    Symfony, Rails, Django all have admin interfaces built-in (or very easy to install). What backend stack do you use?

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      Ah okay, so is a common solution to use some frameworks admin panels (like Django) but there are not standard tools. My stack is under Node.js and is true there are some tools but normally focused to Mongodb not Postgresql. I think a workaround could be to use Django admin just for this :)

      Many thanks!! 👏

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