May 7, 2019

How do you find cofounders?


And what would you offer them in return?

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    You can also find people on discussion posts like this one.

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      looks like a great post!

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    HI @rayandre . I'm currently building all by my self. But before I went through 2 startups with Co-founder.

    1. He's my ex-roommate. We got started 50/50 share.
    2. I met up with him on co-working space. We got started 50/50 share.
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    You can always go to or start an Indie Hacker meetup in your area:

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      Great idea. It's always great to meet people face to face.

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    Also, I think founders must have equal amount of shares in the company. That also mean they both have to put the same amount of investment (time, work, money relatively to their possibilities).

    I've met a lot of people that wanted to cofound. I'm developer so I'm able to build most of people's products.

    I've met some founders that offered me 20% of the company while they just sit and watch me developing the product instead of marketing, sales and everything you can do while the dev works.

    Also found founders who offered 50% but still, not effort was done cause 'Hey, the product is not done, what can I sell ?"

    So to answer, offer your skill in return of their skill. Give your time in return of your time. Dedication has to be equal.

    My opinion ^^

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      Yes, it's a good point. It's always important to remember that co-founding a business is like going into marriage. You want to find the right people to work with, unless you want to deal with the stress of an 'ugly divorce'.

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    Recently at :D The community is growing slowly but surely ^_^

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