How do you find/search new blogs?

Hi there!

I don't follow a lot of blogs (I sometimes read Medium), and I wondered where I could find some high quality and "friendly" blogs.

Niches I'm interested in: productivity, web development, ideas, business.

Feel free to recommend yours, but I would be the happiest if there is a technique/tool you use to find a blog. :D

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    The key for me is to sign up to blogs via RSS.

    Normally I find blogs here on IH, Twitter or other niche communities. Then I add them to an RSS reader to keep on top of them.

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      Awsome, thanks. :)
      I currently don't have twitter, but I've seen a few nice blogs here in IH.

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    tl;dr Find great people.

    When I like an article shared on Twitter or elsewhere, I visit the author's website or online presence, look for a blog, and browse it to decide whether to subscribe to its RSS feed. Likewise, if I stumble upon an interesting tweet, social post, or person, I visit the author's profile and, again, from there I go to their website and look for a blog. You get the picture.

    Pro tip: on the person's website, I also look for any books they published.

    By the way, I prefer not to touch Medium, not even with a pole, no matter how great the content or the authors.

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    I came across https://hnblogs.substack.com/ a few weeks ago. The list is based upon personal blog posts submitted to Hacker News that didn't get a ton of upvotes. I've been rather pleased with what the list so far.

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    I come across new blogs through IE, Reddit and even Medium posts which backlink to the original post by the author.

    Sometimes, the blog themselves have links to other references too.

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    I usually google a topic and find someone's blog post

    My blog on science and technology

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    I recently asked for authors with a great voice and unique writing style, you might find the results interesting:

    Otherwise, I tend to discover great writers in a few ways:

    1. Twitter
    2. Show notes from podcasts
    3. Facebook groups on occasion
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