How do you generate Privacy Policy?

I would like to generate a proper privacy policy for a new service (website) and wonder how do you generate privacy policy? do you use a template or do you recommend a paid service to generate one?

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    I've used the policies Basecamp made public under Creative Commons: https://github.com/basecamp/policies

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      Ha I wish I'd know about this before paying $30 for one of those "generated for you" policies!

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      +1 for Basecamp, they have some awesome templates, it’s the one I used for Moonka.space as well

      their stuff covers pretty much everything, I actually had to cut a lot of their content since it was a wider scope than what I needed

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      This is fantastic @jdj_dk! Thanks a lot for sharing it.

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      This is awesome thank you for sharing!

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    Do not use free privacy policies, I would rather suggest use https://www.iubenda.com/en/. I pay a yearly fee and it keeps me legally safe.

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      I also use iubenda for my android apps. It is acceptably priced and I feel safer than using a free alternative.

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    I use free privacy generators

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    See the second section of my Privacy Policy page: https://productfeedback.co/privacy/

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      Thanks a lot, this is very useful. I will just need to check how can I a section to mention collecting payments.

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    In starting phase using a free privacy policy generator is enough. I just do some search and find privacy policy for product similar to it. Then just edit it little bit to match criteria and features of my product.

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    I'd use PandaDoc

    I'm also a user, you can find an example on my site

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    IUBENDA imho : I have no affiliation.
    They have an LTD on Appsumo right now

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      Thanks @BernardPiette!
      I don't really understand why privacy policy generators charge monthly subscriptions when the policy is mostly static.

      By the way, I don't mean the offer which I understand is a life time deal but I meant the idea of monthly subscriptions for privacy policy.

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        I can understand why a monthly amount is justified. A privacy policy is not as static as you might think at first. Laws change. I think California recently had a new privacy law and the EU also got a new law not too long ago. IUBENDA takes care of updating it without you having to do anything.

        Especially if you embed e.g. third party services on your website (Facebook, Google Analytics) and they change something with the data handling. IUBENDA takes the work off your shoulders to regularly check all integrated third-party services for changes.

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          Law changes is fair point, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks a lot @OPunktSchmidt for clarifying it to me.

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    We are based in the UK, used https://seedlegals.com/ as part of their wider offering.

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    I paid a one off fee to https://getterms.io/, though I'm also comfortable enough with contracts that I feel ok tweaking and reusing it from project-to-project. If I wanted to just have a "pay em and it's done" solution, I like iubenda for that.

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    I am involved with https://pickagem.com/ - Privacy Policy template is included on Pickagem pack (6 legal templates ) - also on AppSumo right now. On the template pack there is also T&C's, API Agreement, Work Contract, Sale & Purchase Agreement, Sale of Internet Ads Template.

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    We have been using Iubenda at Feedgrip and are fairly happy with it

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