Growth March 26, 2020

How do you get a specialized website to cover your product?

Ryan Pergent @Div

I've been sending some cold emails to specialized tech news writers without much success.

I usually go with something like "Hey, I noticed that you write about this and I am doing that thing. So maybe you'd like to check it out?"

To be honest, I have no clue what is the usual approach. Are you supposed to offer some sort of payment? Some deal maybe?

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    There are a couple of things you could be doing better, in my opinion.

    First, you need to find an angle that makes it newsworthy. Products come out everyday, so that's not enough. Is there some sort of human interest aspect? Can you tie it to something or someone prominent? Is there conflict or controversy in your product story?

    Next, you need to refine your approach in your outreach. With any type of cold email, the more personalized the better. Show that you've done your homework. Instead of just mentioning that they write about a topic, get specific. Mention not just specific articles, but different things about those articles. And when asking them to cover your product, explain why it would be of interest to their readers in particular.

    It also might help to warm these people up a bit first. Leave some comments on articles they've written and follow them on social media for a bit, so when you do reach out, they are more likely to recognize your name.

    Best of luck.

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    So maybe you'd like to check it out?

    You might want to rephrase this, because to me, it sounds like you are asking me to invest time in finding out your product. For someone that is already busy, they will probably just ignore you.. Just my 2 cents.

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      Ah, yes of course, I was paraphrasing. I don't literally write it like that ^^'. Usually I give a description of the product, why it's good and some links.

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    Bear in mind that these people probably get so many pitches made at them, so ask yourself..

    • why should they listen/respond to you?
    • are you making it as easy as possible for them to see what you have written?
    • are you respecting their time?
    • have you researched to see if they have specific submission guideline requests?
    • what makes what you are submitting unique? How will it make them gain views and happy website readers?
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      "why should they listen/respond to you"

      That's actually my question here. I assumed that they would listen because the product falls right into their speciality. That is apparently not enough, and I am wondering if other people give another incentive to writers.

      I am confident that the product in itself is good enough as I already have a few dozen thousands users.

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