How do you get feedback from your audience?

Let's help each other. How are you currently doing these things? Feel free to comment below and make suggestions on other people's comments.

As a blogger how do you get feedback from your readers?

How do you know what to write about next?

How do you determine and measure the success of each article?

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    I'm not a "hardcore blogger" but just to get the ball rolling:

    Feedback - not focusing on this right now but for one of my work blogs, the comments are a great source of truth.

    What to write about - I subscribed to Blogging For Devs and one of Monica's simple yet useful tips was to keep an "idea journal" for any possible ideas so in that sense, I just note down ideas in Microsoft OneNote.

    Determine success - since I blog mostly for myself, the only metric I use is pageviews to determine what posts are getting more traffic and then decide what to do from there onwards.

    Interested to see how others structure their blogs!

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      I recently launched Highly (https://www.highlyanalytics.com/) so bloggers can get more feedback about their posts, beyond the traditional page views. Let me know what you think.

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        This looks really nice. I plan to add it as an integration on Swish, so people can connect their accounts and get it to work.

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          Wow, that would be awesome. Please reach out and lets talk.

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            I'm not sure how to contact you since you don't have any contact methods on your profile.

            Please send me an email or Twitter DM so we can talk 👍🏾.

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        Hello again!

        Yeah I saw your product when I first replied to the above post and it looks awesome 🔥! Like I mentioned, my blog is not something I'm focusing on right now otherwise Highly looks great!

        Best of luck with it.

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      Nice! This seems to be what everyone is doing. I have personally seen comments decrease in my blog over the past couple of years.

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        Nothing to beat the OG page views I guess 😁.

        Though not related to your question, I've recently been wanting to switch my blog's stack (it's currently plain HTML and CSS built locally and deployed to Netlify) - what do you use for your blog? I'm currently vacillating between Ghost and something like Netlify CMS. Any suggestions?

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          We built it ourselves but I've heard some great things about Ghost.

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