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How do you get feedback on your writing?

John Yeung @jhlyeung

I recently started doing a lot of writing for a number of websites.

And similar to building products, getting feedback on one's writing is important. I have asked my girlfriend and close friends to give feedback on my writing before.

But even at ~3 articles a week, this becomes a bit too much to ask for. I don't feel comfortable continuing to ask my friends, especially as an ongoing favor.

How do other content creators approach this?

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    We've been trying to build a community to help with this in our Content Support here on Indie Hackers - would love to have more people join up.

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      Could try a "Roast my content and I'll roast yours" trade. Seems to be popular for landing pages.

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        great stuff, I'm in 🤙

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      Thanks for sharing :)

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      this looks neat!

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    Sounds like a good idea for a standalone community. Connect writers and have them read and provide feedback on one another's work.

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    As you noted asking for feedback adds overhead to publishing blog posts. So, for grammar and style, I use ProWritingAid.

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      Also the Hemmingway app is great and Grammarly (even the free edition).

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    I haven't used it yet myself, but I've heard that the Hemingway app is a good resource for helping you improve your writing.

    Personally, I ask family, friends, and sometimes subscribers of my newsletter for feedback on ~1 article/month. It would be too much to ask for each one, so I pick and choose my spots.

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    I use Quillbot for some rephrasing suggestions and find it really useful.

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