How do you get free subscribers to upgrade to paid?

I'm just about to launch a newsletter with a free and paid tier and I'm interested in learning how folks have seen success getting people to upgrade from free to paid.

The newsletter is going to be following my journey selling a variety of different things online, sharing learnings and data about my successes and failures.

I'm currently thinking of including bonus content and more access to my data and experiments.

Thanks in advance you smart, creative people.

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    Are you launching with 0 free subscribers? Let us know how it turns out. I'm on a plan of free for as long as possible and then introducing a paid tier. I'm not even sure what my paid tier content might be, perhaps all of the old newsletters, and some premium content, or restricting the some of the free content to premium only?

    I've also kicked around the idea of doing a "patron/advertising" subscription that is a really high yearly cost something like 1-2k/year, but that patron/advertiser maybe gets 1-2 custom newsletters sent out to the audience once a year and/or some amount of space in a fixed amount of the free newsletters.

    Looking forward to reading how it goes.

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    I'm still working through this myself, with lookingforwisdom.com. My approach is to make it fairly clear what the rationale is for free and paid tiers, and to make a clear distinction between them.

    One way of thinking about it is more vs. different. Do you want your paid tier to be more of the same kind of content that you have on the free tier? Or do you want to offer something that is substantially different? So, in my case, different is not just offering extra content for paid subscribers, but offering them tailored courses, backed up by a community forum.

    As I said, it's early days. But I think as a potential subscriber, what I'm often looking for is different, instead of just more.

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