April 7, 2019

How do you handle account balances and top-ups in your app?

Chris Jamieson @chrisjamieson

Hi IH community! I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster, with a #product-feedback-request

Have you had to handle account balances, top ups or other transactions in your app? If so, I'd love to hear your feedback on Moola. The website is at https://moola.dev with full API docs at https://docs.moola.dev

I launched Moola last month. The product is an API which makes it easy for developers to handle users' money in their apps. This is particularly useful for situations where your users have an account balance (virtual wallet) or can use in-app credits.

Today I finished writing up a blog post to showcase how to use the API, using the example use-case of an appointment reminder app for dentists. It describes how to use Moola alongside Stripe, Twilio and other tools.

Here's the post: https://blog.moola.dev/2019-03-12/how-to-build-an-appointment-reminder-saas-app-with-moola-twilio-and-stripe/

I would love to hear if you think it might be useful for you, or any comments on how I can make this better.

Thank you :)

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    Chris - Nice write up. I'm not a javascript guy so I can't comment on the examples that much but the basic use case and structure made sense.

    In my mind, I wanted to transition to how I could do this in python. I don't expect you to write a full example in python. However, it might be helpful to have a diagram that shows how these components fit together and how the data flows. I could likely figure out the python parts if I had that guide so to speak.

    Overall though, it's a well done article and the documentation looks good!

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      Thank you Chris for taking the time to check this out and for your kind words. I will definitely work on a Python example, or see if I can allow users to switch between languages in the code examples. Great feedback - many thanks!