March 21, 2019

How do you know the keywords people use to visit your site? Google Analytics won't tell me... 😔

Ryan @RyanHickman

SEO traffic by far is the most valuable to my site. There are ~9-10k people that visit my site each month. Problem is between Google Analytics and Search Console, I am in the dark. All the keywords are "(not provided)". When I subtract totals from known mediums I have this high converting unattributed audience. I want to grow THAT however I don't know what THAT is. It is very frustrating and I would love ANY feedback...


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    I set up a new view in GA and use Keyword Hero to track the terms for organic traffic. Ahrefs is a bit spicy for me $$

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      We set this up yesterday too (Keyword Hero). Already seeing results in my views that Keyword Hero added since yesterday.

      So far looks like it works well! I can report back in a week or so!

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      Can you explain what you mean by that . @alanoutloud

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        Ahrefs is a bit expensive is what I mean

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    You must use google search console for that.

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      I found google search console is completely inaccurate. The values didn't even add up. It listed 10 clicks however the keywords themselves totaled to zero. It was nuts.

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    Select "primary dimension" landing page to see which pages are getting the traffic. From there you can kinda tell which keywords they must be.

    Ahrefs could also do the trick

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    I use ahrefs keyword data to find all my keywords close to page 2-3 which have the volume and intent I need. give it a go, let me know if you need help. :)

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    Go to Search Console >>> Performance and you can see the keywords (queries on here) that people are using to find your site. I'd also recommend using: It has a 7 day trial for $7 so you'll be able to grab all your organic keywords (as well as your competitors)

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      Where is ahref data from ? Im struggling to understand it's source other than thinking they are estimating from various browser plugins.

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        Ahrefs has it's own private database it's built up by crawling lots of sites (like Google) You can read more here:
        It's true that no tool is going to be 100% accurate and a lot of the numbers are going to be estimations to a degree. But in my experience, Ahrefs is one of the most accurate, especially in terms of organic rankings. There are alternatives too like SEMRush and SerpStat.
        What is your aim here? You want to see what keywords people are using to find your site right? Search Console will be helpful here to get a baseline. Don't worry about amount of clicks & metrics atm, as these are based on averages and can differ between types of searches.
        Find the keywords your site is ranking for. Look at the pages that are ranking for them. Look at way's to improve the site to target the keywords (on-page SEO).

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          Also, it's probably worth working backwards: do some keyword research into what terms you want to rank for. Optimise your site pages for this and then monitor. That's SEO in a nutshell.

          These guides will help you with keyword research:

          You'll find there's a lot of guides out there and a lot of crossover with what they say. Take the bits you like and adapt them into what works for you.