March 8, 2019

How do you know when you're done?

Adam Hawkins @ahawkins

👋🏻 Hello again friends.

I'm struggling to know when to backoff from the day-to-day work of launching a new product. I'm not putting in full time hours, but I have that kind of time available. I have this nagging feeling that there's always something more to do, something to tweak, maybe some outreach to setup, or marketing planning to do. Of course there's diminishing returns in each of those activities after a point but how does one identify that? Surely one can launch a new product without constant attention, right?

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    Tough question! I plan out what I do ahead of time to avoid fumbling around on hesitance, it’s too much fun to tinker. Still there’s a long roadmap of things to build. I can’t recall ever working on a product and thinking, OK it’s done! Though there are some small projects I can see an ‘end’ of. Software isn’t like a physical product, which can be finished. Maybe it can be though!

    In the end it probably comes down to who you’re building for, and if they’re getting enough value from what you built.

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    Rhetorical question: What have you done to test the market?

    If you have just been working on something in stealth and there's no market feedback, then who knows? It's a coin-flip.

    If you have been testing the market quickly and getting feedback/results., I guess it's a gut decision based on what your hearing.

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