April 28, 2019

How do you maintain a healthy balance?

Joe Mainwaring @theaccordance


It's easy to let your health slide as stress piles, whether that be from our existing commitments or our desire to realize our goals during execution. I strive for balance through a combination of an exhaustive fitness routine, semi-conscious food consumption, and metrics using the GyroScope app for weekly trend analysis.

What do you do to keep your health in check? Are there tools that aid you?

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    Going to the gym and more recently running (really enjoying that).
    Also playing some soccer, though recently I've developed pretty crappy knees, hence the pivot to running.

    Maintaining a good diet spending so much time in a coffee shops filled with pastries is really really hard though, still working on a plan for that. Hoping to be able to make very simple fish based meals that I can just have for lunch.

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    I try to go to the gym as often as I can in the mornings just to get it out of the way and I track every visit using Swarm. I also track what I eat in a spreadsheet and how often I eat out versus cooking at home. I strive to eat in over 60% of the time and I also track the number of vegetable servings in every meal (I aim for 6 total per day). I think this all works for me because I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to tracking personal metrics. I love seeing the data in the end and it's like a game for me to hit certain percentages which ends up being my motivation.

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    I do similar things to you. I'm very conscious about what I'm eating and if I'm working from my apartment and know I won't be very active I'll reduce my consumption to account for that.

    I also make sure I hit the gym and have recently taken up golf, which I'm loving. Helps me get away from the computer for an extended period of time and gets me outside!

    As for tracking, I've got an Apple Watch and use Gyroscope to track activity and Sleep Cycle to track sleep quality.

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    Apple Watch and daily active calorie burn goal has changed my entire routine. 215 days in a row, looking forward to 365 and then putting in a drawer for a week lol

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    I use Strava to track my running.
    My husband as someone to nag me.
    My teen son as an accountability partner for strength training.

    I really need to get better at food, I wish someone could just deliver the food I need to eat so I don't have to think about it.

    When I get cranky I know I either need to sleep or do some exercise. I'm terrible at going to bed at a decent hour (and to make it worse I have young kids who often wake me in the night), often I make up for it by having naps in the day.

    Then on top of all this to to prioritise some 'me', social, personal time. That's so important for health too. It's so easy to dismiss this in life, when really it is probably one of the most important things, imho.

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