How do you make No-Code Websites SEO friendly?

I've been seeing lots of no-code sites built using no-code tools such as bubble, carrd, softr and pory etc.

Has anyone ever encountered SEO discoverability issues when you build these sites? And if yes, how did you fix it? I would like for my site to be able to maximize SEO benefits and Wordpress appears to be the clear winner for now.

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    So I've built in Webflow and used standard SEO tips (backlinks, keywords, site speed, etc) and haven't had any problems so far. I have heard that Webflow can be not-so-SEO-friendly, but site speed + ease of UX/UI has overridden those fears for now.

    I built this site https://www.outwhere.co/ (which is a failed MVP) and my current website https://www.sophiaoneal.com/ in Webflow and both have great SEO because of the content.

    I wish there was a Yoast equivalent for Webflow though!

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      This is interesting. It does seem like webflow does have some seo functionality, but hopefully they have amp features as well. For me those are extremely important to clinch seo top spot.

      Your website is beautiful and I did a search on your profile on google, it's still ranked 3rd but pretty good for a webflow site! I think we would definitely be so much better off if there were a yoast for webflow. Or at least meta tag features!

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    bubble provide the SEO with their paid plan. You can customize SEO content and many other things

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      Have you tried it out? How did it go? I haven't met that many bubble sites that ranked first on seo. I don't have a paid plan for buffer either haha.

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        hahaha ranking first is your goal, then you will be disappointed even taking the paid plan. Very good SEO person, are struggling in ranking their website at the very first position

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    @verasun Hi Vera, are you looking to hire SEO expert. Thank you.

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      Not for now, but thank you for the offer! Will let you know if I do.

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