TikTok December 22, 2020

How do you make TikTok Videos?

Hua @huashu

do you keep an idea log? do you write a short script? do you do a storyboard?
trying to understand it behind the scenes so I can make better videos : )

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    Hey Hua,

    There are different kinds of content depending on what your goal is. If you are new on tiktok try watching the FYP page and getting inspiration from there, you can also load up sounds you like into your favorites for future reference. Keeping an idea log is beneficial as ideas come and go. Watch trends and make videos accordingly. Here's three basic guidlines to ensure your tiktok is not doomed from the start:

    1. good lighting (tiktoks with bad lighting don't do well at all)
    2. some form of movement (camera, subject, characters, any movement is better than no movement)
    3. more than 10 seconds in length (this one I'm not sure of I forgot the number it might have been 5 seconds) tiktoks of a certain small length only get pushed to followers and not FYP

    Hopefully this helps

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      great tips, thanks majid!

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    I keep an idea log.

    Then when I film, I actually film on my iPhone, or my main camera, then I edit it completely off the phone.

    The I send it to my phone, and add Tiktok specific features in App.

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      thanks joshdance! super helpful to know your process

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