May 24, 2019

How do you make your ads?


Hello fellow hackers,

I am exploring ways I can cost effectively generate image assets for my Facebook ad campaigns. For the sake of being more concrete, lets say I want to generate 12-15 image assets. I have zero Photoshop experience. What would you recommend?

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  1. 2 is for you.

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    I would give my friend's product a try, he's a user here too @NxAlessandro, he launched an alpha this week check it out:

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    While not the best ads, back when I was the CTO of a daily deal company, we were generating ads programatically, using the images from our deals and the copy text injected over top. They needed to be dynamic for our affiliates, so it made a ton of sense do it that way. All using PHP with Imagick or GD (been a minute don't remember which lib).

    This was all done via a web server, but could very well be done locally with as little as a shell script and imagick

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    There was online tool I tried out a while ago that seemed useful. A quick google brought up I think that was it, or something similar to it.

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    If you don't have a need to automate the process, using a tool like Keynote or PowerPoint is surprisingly good for basic text / image layout. Just set the slide size to the dimensions you need to export.

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    I would recommend writing an Alibaba-style ML tool and selling it to US companies for billions. Article for details. Google around for updated news on this, it's been the cornerstone of all their ads since.

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