Writing Feedback January 31, 2020

How do you make your blog more popular when you have just started?

Sandro Maglione @sandromaglione

Hi everyone,

I started my personal blog on my website some weeks ago, in which I share my thoughts about startups, development, and design. I am doing my best to make the content as interesting as possible, SEO friendly, and visually appealing to first-time visitors.

I am sharing my articles on my socials, but, apart from that, I have no idea how can I reach the people that would be interested in my content (without paying money).

Is it about being consistent over time or there are some strategies that would help my content to be spread faster?

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    So first of all, I would say: Do not give up. It's a long term game, and the more time and sincere energy you invest, the more you will figure out the game in general. So much as a piece of principle advice. So yes, it's consistency to a fairly large degree.

    However, here is some more direct, actionable advice:

    • Improve your writing. No matter how good you are, you can get better. Better content will be easier to market. That means to improve your copy as much as to improve the topics and titles that you use
    • Go hunt your audience. What problem are you solving? Maybe you can go and search for people who your writing would help with (maybe you find their discussions on some forums, or Twitter, or Discord / Slack Communities). Let them know directly about your posts
    • Utilize new features of other platforms, whenever possible. If a platform like Instagram launches a new feature, like for example Stories, it will cheat the algorithm and reward you for using that feature to accelerate adoption
    • Become a master on the social media platforms that you want to use to distribute your content. Maybe even go as far as building your own, personal brand. Learn, how other accounts grew their audience (at various stages), reverse-analyze, and copy.
    • Guest post. That's an obvious one, so I won't go into detail further.
    • Try to come up with a marketing plan. Literally. Create an action plan, customized to your needs and your content. Make it last 3-6 weeks with preferably daily tasks. Execute. Execute ruthlessly. I repeat Execute. After that, analyze your results, write the next action plan, which should build on the learnings of the first run. Repeat until satisfied.

    There are surely more, and this list is neither exhaustive nor in a specific order, I simply wrote it down spontaneously.

    The main thing here is, that you do something rather than just reading my comment and doing nothing. Take action.

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      Great advice indeed. Taking note for myself!

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      Thanks for the advice!
      I will keep going and doing my best. I will let you know how it goes.

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      Great advice. Thanks