Ideas and Validation January 18, 2021

How do you manage and utilize user feedback (or interview notes) when working on a product?

Akash Tandon @analyticalmonk

I have seen people do this in a number of ways:

  • Keep everything inside your head and unlock it whenever needed! That's superhuman stuff and definitely not the ideal.
  • Take verbatim notes or transcribe conversations, store them in GDocs/Notion, and store insights in a spreadsheet (Airtable/Excel/Sheets).
  • Use a software solution to manage it. This branches out into multiple directions depending on the role - PM, or UX researchers, for example.

What has helped you make sense of customer feedback in the past?

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    @analyticalmonk's that's why me and my co-founder @harshvijay built ruttl (! Atleast in the designer's community, the customer feedback issue is REAL and BIG!

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      This is an interesting project. Thanks for sharing.
      Couple of questions:

      • Why can't I simply collaborate on a tool like Figma?
      • Will this work for pages behind an Auth wall?
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    I'm a notion or productboard superfan for my projects

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      Productboard is helpful for making sure everyone's on the same page once the data is in there. However, I've struggled with bringing in and structuring data together in the first place in PB. Too much manual work can get overwhelming. How has your experience been?

      Also, do you use Notion and PB together? Or is it either one of them depending on project complexity?

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        I use them separately

        PB at my interim head of product role in one company
        Notion at my interim head of product role in another co

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    I use Evernote and I would love a vertical specific application to do this.

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      I second that line of thought. I've seen good tools which address this problem from a UX researcher perspective but not much else.

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