Product Development February 27, 2020

How do you manage data of your SAAS?

Mahesh J @maheshj

Hello all. I'm building a SAAS on top of postgreSQL. I've been exploring how to quickly implement a data management solution to manage the DB data in a process centric way rather than typical CRUD operations. Some examples...

  1. Activate/de-activate users/accounts
  2. Publish notifications (browser based push)
  3. View table level data and may be some aggregated data

These processes have tables and corresponding controller code already written. Do you build internal dashboards to manage data and such processes or is something readily available? I'm currently exploring DjangoAdmin and react-admin for this.

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    Check out Retool, I think it’s exactly what ur looking for

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      This is awesome! Thank you @Bsme.

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    Hey Mahesh. Why not consider some no-code tool for it.
    You can do all of it on Tabbli the platform for SaaS.
    I'll be happy to be of help you. What about to make it together?

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      Hi Alex. Tabbli looks really cool. Can it connect to my own DB and administer the data in it?

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        Not so hard to export/import your data into Tabbli and then manage it there.
        You can use csv for it

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          Ok. Thanks for clarifying Alex. I'd prefer a more realtime solution that connects directly to my DB.

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            Well it is also possible via API

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              Interesting. I'll get in touch if I don't find more seamless alternatives. Thank you.