May 17, 2019

How do you manage user feedback?

David Fernández @fernandezdavid7

The reason I'm asking is because of my recent experience with a project.

It can be quite time-consuming to keep all the user feedback organized when it comes from many different channels, tools, and sources.

I like to keep "track" of every user and have a sense of how happy/confused/annoyed is, especially if I'm planning to reach them out.

I find most of the tools available an overkill.

So, how do you manage user feedback?


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    In the very early stage, I'd say Trello is a must. It's free, you can collaborate with other people on Trello boards and easily customize it depending your needs. We have a dedicated product roadmap for Mailmeteor (

    In this board, we have different lists: backlog for ideas & things to keep in mind, features, bugs & errors, high priority things to do, and a history of versions. In details :

    • Backlog is where we put all ideas and things to keep in mind, no ranking based on priority here
    • Features list contains cards for each features. We apply a personalized label for features request or to rank the priority of the feature (nice to have, should have, must-have). We add a checklist to each card so as to get a track record of people who've requested features. Once we release a feature (for example previewing emails before sending in Mailmeteor), we tell these people first.
    • Bugs & errors are things that don't work as expected, ranked by priority (on top are the most important things to fix)
    • High priority is where we move feature cards or bug cards when they need to be completed in the next two weeks
    • History of versions is where we keep a card of each release (ex: V16 of Mailmeteor) with a checklist of all features we've pushed and all bugs we've troubleshooted in this particular version. That way, we keep track of progress.

    Overall, having this rigor helps us focusing on core features. Hope this helps! Whatever the system, as long as you can keep your mind clear on what you should do first to make your users satisfied ;-)

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      Thanks for your detailed response Jean.

      How do you get to that point though? What's the source of the ideas, features requests, bugs/errors, etc?

      I'm thinking that it would be great to have a single source that everyone can access to before it translates into an actionable item on a backlog.

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        Either by email (Gmail) or through our live chat on website (Crisp) or live interaction with people. You can keep contact of email threads url or direct links to conversations in Trello. It’s rather minimal but really efficient. By the way, Crisp is an amazing french startup, it’s free to use for basic needs, highly recommend it.

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    From everything I tried, ProductBoard offers the best solution for keeping track of customer feedback. I used to store it in Confluence, Spreadsheets, Google Forms — all require way too much work to manage and you get overwhelmed quickly. If you use Intercom for managing customers, they'll give you a good profile by a customer, but no aggregation.

    I also think that tracking every piece of feedback is more noise than profit. Unless, of course, a product is in the very early stage, searching for product market fit.

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      That's very helpful Sergey. Thanks for sharing.

      I'm particularly interested in the very early stage. Where you need as much user feedback as possible.