How do you manage Webhooks (both outgoing and incoming)?

A quick question for all the devs here, how do you manage webhooks (both outgoing and incoming)? Is there is a platform that can help me manage my webhooks?

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    Hey @sandeepm! Hookdeck(https://hookdeck.io) is the go to platform for all things webhook. Hookdeck provides developers with infrastructure to receive, monitor and manage webhooks. Hookdeck sits between the API provider and your services, ensuring you receive all webhook notifications! You should definitely check Hookdeck out, If you have further questions, I would be delighted to answer them.

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      Thanks. Hookdeck looks interesting.

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        Hi @sandeepm, I'm Hookdeck Co-Founder! We're helping out a bunch of teams with webhooks, IH has been a great community to find like-minded builders. Please reach out to me if you want to discuss webhooks or Hookdeck. [email protected]

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    @sandeepm I'm developing a platform that massively simplifies adding customer-configurable outgoing webhooks to your saas.

    As @mjgs says, the basic concept of webhooks is simple, but building a scalable, bulletproof webhook delivery system, with proper error handling, retries, logging, etc. is quite a bit more work.

    Add onto that, if your saas is multi-tenant, managing your customer's webhook subscriptions, RESTHook capabilities (https://resthooks.org/) so your customer can create proper Zapier integrations (instant, not polling), and the developer support tools for your customers, so they can streamline the development of their integrations between your saas and whatever they want to integration, is even more work.

    All this takes you away from moving forward on your core product values.

    My product provides all this, and more.

    So, if you're looking to provide your customers with the ability to configure and provision outgoing webhooks, I'd love to talk!

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      Hi Edward, seems like we are tapping into similar ideas! I'd love to talk with you about it and see if there are ways we could collaborate. We're building hookdeck.io. What's the best to reach you?

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      Thanks Edward. I will let you know if I'm ready to use your platform.

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    Sort of depends on what you are trying to build.

    They are basically just HTTP post requests that you send from somewhere and receive over HTTP somewhere else.

    If you are looking to build something yourself, you could use either:

    • Sone serverless functions
    • A web server hosted on a VPS server

    For sending the webhook use standard HTTP post request.

    There are probably some services that make it slightly easier, but it’s not that difficult to build something yourself. The tricky part is security, you want to sign the requests you send, so you can be sure at the receiving side you are only accepting requests that you sent.

    Most 3rd party services that send webhooks will have libraries to check the signature. Check out stripe for a good example.

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    Hi, what do you mean by manage? a GUI like Zapier?

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