May 23, 2019

How do you manage your Curriculum?

Vilva. @albertovilva

I'm working on a project aimed at techies to improve CV creation and maintaing. I guess many indiehackers have a job besides their project or they had a job in the past :D. So I would really apreciate if you share your experience on how you manage your CV?

I'm learning people do all sorts of things, from hiring designers, to compiling them in LaTex or doing them in Microsoft Word. So, how do you handle your currículum? how often do you update it?

I made this form in case you wanna fill it:


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    This is a tough road and I wish you well. Most believe this type of service should always be free or the headhunter is incentivized or honest enough (chuckle) to provide the feedback necessary. At least in my part of Asia. I've started charging a token among inquirers simply to cut down on the cheapskates/time wasters as a larger lead generation to my full editing services. It's a strange disconnect. A review which could highlight critical flaws and lead to a better doc and jobs with $1,000-$25,000 better opportunities is accorded almost no value by many consumers. I remain puzzled.

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      Thanks for the support! I think I wasnt clear in my writing. Im actually building a Sass tool to create and maintain CVs, not working on consultancy services. But that is a great insight!