November 8, 2019

How do you manage your schedule to work on a side project while working as a fulltime employee?

Borja Soler @sunner

Hey everyone, I am building a side project that I want (or at least I hope so) to grow it to a profitable and sustainable business.
But at the same time, I am working full time for another company? How do you manage your time to be able to work enough time on the side project without feeling that you are not putting enough time?

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    I get a one hour lunch at my full time job, so I use that to research and code. Also spend time either in the morning or night at home, to work on the side project.

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    If you currently work 40 hours at your fulltime job, change it to 32 (if possible). That way you probably still have the safetynet of income while also ”paying” for the side project. This has two advantages, it creates more time and makes the side project more serious.