Productivity July 6, 2020

How Do You Manage Your Workload Efficiently?

Gordon Frayne @gordon

Hi all,

managing our time and being efficient is one of the most important factors when creating a business.

There is a point at which the law of diminishing returns comes into play and we begin to see diminishing returns from our effort and outputs.

Law of diminishing returns

It can be hard to gauge when one is hitting this point though.

How do you manage your workload and outputs more efficiently, to maximize the return on investment of your time and effort?

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    I will say the main thing that helps with managing my workload is a combination of:

    • good sleep and early morning routines
    • maintain exercise and some semblance of nutrition habits
    • drink water
    • write down anything that is currently on my mind needing to be taken care of
    • take care of random errands quickly as possible to get them out of mind
    • time blocks work great for focus
    • take bite sized chunks off of project goals and make persistent incremental progress

    These things are good for me to maintain some mental clarity and a clear head. Not necessarily free and clear of problems or normal life anxieties/issues, but a clear enough mind to push forward.

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      Some great simple reminders in here @nyxtom. Thanks for sharing!

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    Using time blocks and getting enough rest/sleep.

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      Thanks for sharing @jeffjadulco. Sounds simple, yet effective!