Beta Testing September 11, 2020

How do you onboard beta-testers/early-access users?

Steven Kim @stevenkkim

I've seen a few different approaches to handling early-access users and beta testers, ranging from totally hands-off to very hands-on.

I've seen some apps where you can just sign up as a beta user with no screening or hand-holding process.

Then I've seen some apps that require filling out a form and waiting on a list. The form is used to qualify users and get feedback, and the waiting list is used to control the number of early users.

And I've seen the concierge manual-onboarding approach popularized by Superhuman in which founders manually onboard users usually over a video conference.

Anyone have experience, advice or recommendations with these approaches?


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    I have been using scheduled Gmass mail merge as well as my own product ( to make sure I am communicating with my early release list at least 6 times once they have been invited. From there I make sure that we have an email cadence reconditioning them for feedback

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      Sounds like a good approach!

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