How do you outsource quora/reddit marketing?


Content marketing is a pretty dominant way of getting organic growth so I am wondering how you guys handle quora/reddit? Lots of people ask questions there that can probably be answered with your product in some way.

As a solo founder I cant keep typing out answers all day, so was thinking of finding someone to do this for me. Have you guys had success with any freelancers? If so, where did you find them?



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    We do it currently as a one off package but looking to expand to a recurring service - https://aidem.network

    Drop me a message and we can work something up for you?

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    So solve that pain, I am building Support Hero (https://supporthero.ltd). Though, we are focused on WordPress plugins. We can handle it as long as it's a tech product.

    influx.com is another option.

    Being said that, you might try someone from Upwork too. That's what two of my current clients did before they found us.

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    I've bought a Udemy course for my linkbuild freelancer. Every week we select a couple of questions, compose answer and add a link in the end, or mention about blog we have or discount etc

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    Maybe just go trough those sites and bookmark questions you want to answer later. Then you can schedule a specific time / day and sit down and answer those questions.

    In this way your quality won't suffer and you still have enough time. Maybe outsource the part of finding the right questions to answer. This way around it's much better.

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    Probably best way to go is Fiverr/Upwork. I had same idea in my mind, but I think the quality is going to be quite bad. Is it really worth it...?

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