Marketing October 21, 2020

How do you prepare your email newsletter campaign?

Andrian @AndrianV

We, at Designmodo, use a few tools to start and finish an email newsletter campaign.

Here are a few tools we use to prepare an email newsletter:

  1. Write the plan and text in Notion

  1. Design email in Postcards

  1. Compress the HTML

  1. Verify with Unspam

  1. Send with Sendinblue

How do you prepare your email newsletter campaign?

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    1. Defining steps the user has to take to become a customer. For example - create_project, run_project, invite team.
    2. Defining events and data that tell if the step has been taken by the user
    3. Sending events after certain actions to the email app
    4. Synchronizing needed user data with the email app. I use it to personalize emails.
    5. Setting up triggers for campaigns based on those data and events
    6. Writing emails sequences for each campaign
    7. Defining goals the user need to reach in my app for the campaign to be finished
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      What tools are you using?

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        I got email templates from ThemeForest. I buy them because of the nice design. I am not pro with designing things :D

        For tracking users, using my app data, and sending email campaigns I use my other tool so I can be biased. However, it has all the features I need.


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    Well, I am really new to send a customize newsletter, so I am learning everyday.

    I have a naked template prepared for next issue, so I copy the code on VS code and paste it on the new one, then I fill up.... but before this....

    I write the links on my phone, while curating it, then I just go on desktop and start filling up and send, nothing complicated.

    you can see it here if you are interested.

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      Hey Michael, the newsletter looks good. Now it's time to test it for deliverability. You should setup the DKIM, DMARC and SPF of your domain and approve your email. Try before sending your newsletter.

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        I did actually try unspam, really nice. Thanks for the tip.

        I have them set up already, at least in my opinion. I did it before using the domain and so but I am not quite sure I did it properly, any resource to see if I have done right?

        Thank you Andrian

        1. 1

          Do you have here all OK - ? If yes, so the setup is good.

          1. 1

            well, 72....I will fix that before Tuesday.

              1. 2

                Yeah, you need to fix only the DMARC and you can send the email I think.

                1. 1

                  Just fixed it. I jist had to push a button on porkbun... thank you for helping!

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    I prepare the content in Google Docs and I then copy/paste it into an existing template I created in my email service provider (I use Mailchimp). I'll usually make changes in the HTML editor since the WYSIWYG gets wonky. :)

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      Do you test emails before sending them?

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        I do—Mailchimp gives me the ability to send myself test emails before I schedule them

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          How about testing newsletters on different screen sizes or different spam filters and custom domain setup?

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            I'll review the test email in both mobile and desktop, although Mailchimp could do a better job of making it easier to view/test emails across other devices. Re: the latter, it's the first time I've heard about testing emails for filters or custom domains. What are the benefits you've found with testing these?

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              The benefits of testing email from spam is to avoid the spam folder on different email clients like: gmail, yahoo, outlook etc...

              Take a look to check the result of Michael

              1. 1

                Great, thank you! This is very helpful.

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    Hi, you can use to find sponsors for your newsletter

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    Awesome, very insightfull.

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      I see you use the, we have moved to because here we can see the email heatmap.

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        Thanks, I didn't know Unspam but I'll try it.

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