How do you read this logo?


Got some feedback that the logo is mistakenly understood incorrectly

Changed it, I will appreciate if you can answer by pool / comment , how do you read it now ?


Please try to read before you see the pool to not being affected by options




To see it BEFORE the change go to https://www.toola.it/img/logo-b-old.svg

I'm asking the community before deploying the change to prod :-)


How to you read it ?
  1. TOOLA
  2. TOQLA
  3. Something Else ?
  1. 5

    For me is Toola width a search icon on the second o

    1. 1

      Thanks for the quick response :-)

  2. 2

    Who are you 7 people out of 30 still seeing TOQLA ?
    I Need to understand you more ...

    1. 1

      I see Toqla. Don’t know how to explain. Just the first impression without much looking into it.

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback

        Probably some amount of people will see it that way - I hope it will be good enough

  3. 2

    I read it as TOOLA, and visually maybe as a combination of owl eyes and a magnifying glass.

    I think you're good!

    1. 1

      I now see the owl as well :-)
      Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy to know that now it reads correctly

  4. 1

    I actually saw Topla...

    1. 1

      Shocker :-)
      Thanks for comment

  5. 1

    If you hadn't said TOQLA, I wouldn't have even thought of that.

  6. 1

    Thank You, all the indie hackers who voted and commented
    Your feedback made the difference

    I have deployed the new logo to prod

    I'm still open for discussion on this as although it is much better now, I still see some minority of the people confused so willing to make it 100% if possible

  7. 1

    I'm reading it as Tqola, I'm sorry....Might I suggest you move the magnifier lens (by reading the comments here I guess it's that) handle on the left, instead? So you might have something like "Tçola", it might be easier o discern. Also, "toola" reminds me of "tools", why that name?

    1. 2

      Thanks for the thoughts

      Still reading also this new image https://www.toola.it/img/logo-b.svg?v=n as Tqoola ?

      I can understand somehow, as it was more Q , and now it is more of an opposite q

      the problem with ç is that is takes too much size from the frame and a lot of space under the logo

      1. 1

        This version is perfect, imho! 😎

  8. 1

    Looks like "Toola" to me with a magnifying glass, especially with the context being a deals search site.

  9. 1

    It reads "Toola" to me, but I suppose I can imagine someone having to double-take to read it (just my 2 cents).

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