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How do you send and store your deliverables?

When you finished your work how do you typically deliver your deliverables to your clients? Through email or is there better solutions?
I'm also wondering how long you typically store your deliverables after it's sent in case the client needs it again later? If so do you just put it on your dropbox or an external hard drive? Just wondering how to keep everything organized.

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    1. I deliver the work product to the client through Github. At the end of the contract, I either push the result to their repository (if they have one) or create one for them and make them the owner of it. If the client is less technical, then I email the client a Dropbox link to download the work product with a guarantee of "this link will work for 90 days - please be sure to download and save it before then."

    2. Because of that delivery strategy, I don't worry too much about keeping a copy for the client's benefit. In 5ish years of freelancing, I've never had a client "lose" a work product and need me to provide it for them a second time. I do keep copies of most of my work for later personal reference, though. Since each project for me winds up less than 100MB, it's easy for me to fit tons of projects into the 2TB Synology backup disk I keep in my office.

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