Self Development May 24, 2020

How do you stand out on Gumroad?

Brayden W @BraydenTW

Hey everyone! 😄

I will be launching BuildFaster in a couple days! 🥳👏

I have decided to sell my HTML themes on Gumroad. If you are currently using Gumroad (or any other service like it) to sell your products and services, what advice do you have to help me and stand out and get customers?

Thanks so much! 😄

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    Of the 579 sales I made of Writing for Software Developers, only 4 came from Gumroad. (This is with my book currently ranked top 20 in Books & Writing.) My answer is: don't stand out on Gumroad. Stand out wherever your audience is.

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      I definitely agree with this. The key is to build a following outside of Gumroad and then only direct them to Gumroad when they are ready to buy.

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      Completely agree with this!

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      I liked your thoughts on this. :)

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      Good advice. Thanks dude 😄

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    Beautiful site (and themes) :)

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      Thanks @seattlehacker, I have a couple questions for you. What is your favorite theme and would you consider buying it in the future? Thanks so much for your time 😄

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        They all look good. Seems the first one is the most complete.
        I wouldn't because I'm just about technical enough to build my own but who knows maybe in the future if I don't have time. :)

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    Hey Brayden. BuildFaster looks awesome, I'm excited for you! While I don't have any direct advice on how to stand out on Gumroad, I just created that you can use to sell your themes. I'm also looking to feature some stores on the homepage if you would be interested in that? It may help you get some eyes on your products. Sorry that I didn't really help answer your original question!

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      Ok interesting... I will start out with gumroad and later branch out into other ones