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How do you started your blog / newsletter?

David @dvzgrz

Hi !

There is an idea that it's flying around my mind and is that I would like to start a community or something similar writing my own blog or a newsletter...

The point is that I don't know how to start. I think that I don't have any interesting to talk about... and when I start to think on it, I don't consider that I have enough knowledge about any topic.

Do you know some cheatsheet to how to start doing it ?
How do you started yours?

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    Just start writing and publishing. Ignore your insecurities. Writing will force you to close any knowledge gaps you're worried about.

    Then, you can decide whether you want to keep doing it.

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    There are a lot of things around you. You can use them for your blog/newsletter. I recommend this video Gary Vaynerchuk shares useful advice for creating content.
    Here is my content creating process:

    • I stream while I am learning and creating new things
    • I also record the video while I am streaming
    • I use the video for my Youtube channel. I split the streaming video into tutorial videos
    • I write tutorials as video's transcript for my blog
    • I copy small snippets from my blog posts to create tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts
    • I share every blog posts, tutorials, and Youtube videos I consume every week
    • I curate my blog posts and videos for the weekly newsletter. It also contains what I read in the week.
      The important thing is to document and share everything in your life. It is easier than create a new piece of content from the void
      Spoiler: I am going to use this process for my Twitter thread, Facebook, and LinkedIn post. I also use it for my next blog post. You can follow my newsletter to receive it this week
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    Recently started the company blog to reach the target audience.

    Don't write just shake of it.
    Don't write because everyone is writing.

    Find a bigger purpose.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      +1 to this.

      pick a topic, start writing. see what "sticks".

      and what "sticks" might be:

      1. you actually like it. keep going.
      2. people read it. you like that. keep going.
      3. you don't really like it. so, stop.
      4. you hate it. stop.
      5. people read it but you don't like that. stop.
      6. you get bored. stop.
      7. something else.

      but, it's more important that you start.

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