May 13, 2019

How do you stay hyped about your big idea, even if you lack the experience?

Mark @Skurt

My greatest strengths have me being able to work on several projects at once, but it's also my biggest weakness with working.

I currently found an awesome little problem within an industry, and I have zero experience in researching how to obtain the actual information i need to know if the idea is even worth creating.

I'm able to think stage 6-10...but stages 1-5 is where I lack the ability to stay focused and research what I need to get to stage 6-10.

I'm amazing at trying my best to figure it out, but then i drift off and do other things. This wont change overnight, but would like to know if anyone else struggles with this and how you overcome or fight it off?


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    No one's checking your CV before launching a product. If you feel 'inexperienced' because you feel you lack the expertise to absolutely get it right the first time. Don't worry, you won't. Even if you do get lucky, you're bound to fail at some things later on.

    That's how most founders are. Their greatest works stemmed from expertise picked up from a string of failures. The very worst you could do is not give it a shot, would you rather be in this same position next year?

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      Great advice, but not quite what I'm looking for towards my question. I don't know if you read the post outside the question, but thanks for that advice.