How do you store waitlist signups?

Right now I’m working on a site to help candidates find jobs. We haven’t built anything for employers yet but some companies are reaching out about hiring. I’m thinking I should set up a landing page for companies to fill out to express interest in using the platform for hiring. The plan is to build for employers one day, maybe in the next six months.

My question is is there software to store waitlist signups or am I best off making a new table in my database and saving these folks that way? Any software recommendations?

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    why not just set up a simple table in a simple db? why overcomplicate things?

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      Ya good call. Might do that and style the form with Tailwind css to match the rest of our site. Also considering a Hubspot form since we’re doing a bit of lead tracking in there already..

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    We use sendgrid and contacts there.

    I'd say it depends on how you want to send out the emails in the end but if you already know your provider might be worth to integrate directly or via zapier etc.

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      Rn have mailgun installed in our Laravel app. I’ve got a mailchimp list but haven’t sent to it since the pandemic started. Kind of want to self host using Mailcoach but will probably be a few months before I build that in. Makes sense about a form directly into the mail provider tho!


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        All sounds fine to me just make sure you can export and move your list if you ever have to but should be possible :)

        Other than that I'd keep it as simple as you can. It will be much harder and more valuable to collect emails than it will be how to store them :p

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    Maybe integrating getwaitlist.com makes sense? I was using this for one of my side projects that did not go live yet. If you are interested in creating some hype by letting companies refer other companies that might make sense.

    Otherwise, feel free to just go with another database table.

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      This looks promising! I like that it’s free for single user, unlimited signups

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        Yeah it's a nice tool, feel free to reach out to https://twitter.com/banisgh if you need help (she is one of the founders of the tool and super responsive)

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    I use Netlify forms - it was quick to setup since I already host all my side projects on Netlify. https://www.netlify.com/products/forms/

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      Noice. My personal site is on Netlify but for this one we have a PHP server

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    Use getwaitlist.com !! Great site built by a great person who's very helpful.

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    I wouldn't bloat your database.

    We built https://versoly.com/ you can easily build the landing page and collect form submissions for the same price as most form providers.

    Other solutions might be netlify like @drie mentioned but if you hit the limit 100 submissions it is $19 a month and you also have to custom build the landing page.

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