Ideas and Validation April 7, 2020

How do you test your business ideas?


I have a business idea for a product which would make sense in my workflow. How do I go and test if the idea makes sense to others and if they would pay for it?

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    The most effective way (I feel) is to go to the Business Idea subreddit or a Facebook Group and present your idea as a problem.

    Title: Do you keep experiencing...
    Are you one of those people that...

    We would like to know if ...

    Message us if you would like to know more.

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      This sounds like a great starting point. Although I risk having only qualitative data, it's better than nothing. Will try it out, thanks for sharing!

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    I'm building for the same reason to raise problems and see how many others are facing the same.

    If makers find a problem that is worth it, they build a MVP and share it with the community.

    Launching next week and would love to have your feedback!


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    Good first step @infinityandbeyond

    The lowest hanging fruit would be figuring out who share similar pain points. Very likely your 1st-degree connection, people in the same industry, level or segment. Just try to illustration 2-3 quick talking points and identify if similar pattern occurs.

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    hi @infinityandbeyond - it's a great question for i believe the correct community. my 2 cents would be to conduct customer interviews with individuals or organizations that map to specific characteristics of your hypotheses. Prioritize consistency in these customer interviews to help refine your ideal customer profile. IH is a great resource and community of individuals to help with this. best of luck!

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    Listen to this podcast from with Rob Fitzpatrick and then read the book if you have the time.

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      This looks promising. I'll put it straight up on my bedtime playlist. Thanks for sharing!