How do you track usage of your saas products?

How do you determine what features drive most value, what users like product the most, if your new feature is driving more value, etc

I am exploring this space since the major companies all charge $10,000/year and have 100s of millions of VC. Seems the smaller businesses are left behind and I've seen a few different people complaining about how expensive the products can get.

Anyone have opinions?


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    I came across this customer success tool in my research and I am pretty impressed by its prospects. If it fits your use case, it does stuff that often cost 10x and looks really well done incl. Segment integration, free NPS etc. I am not using it yet but you should definately check it out. Does much more than just product analytics - more a light customer success platform https://vitally.io/

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      I'm one of the cofounders of Vitally and just wanted to say thanks so much for the kind words :)

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        Well done! I think with a bit of marketing you’ll have a bright future for the company! Love the design as well!

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      why are you not using it?

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        We use something else at work but vitally looks pretty impressive, especially at that price point. It also has a basic account and user tracking. There is also a full demo account to play with.

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    from knowing how the finances etc are doing, I love http://baremetrics.com

    but you're right, there's a huge gap in the tools available for saas businesses to know the metrics of their product, or even things like where are users coming from, where on the product are they spending the most time, how often, which platforms etc.

    I have been so frustrated with the above that I'm currently in the process of building that solution. (called http://pulsemetrics.io, beta should be ready in a few weeks)

    would love to hear your thoughts on what else is missing in this space. I'd totally be down to discussing it on a call this week or next.

    lmk... best,

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      Yeah, I'd love to chat. I am certainly not the worlds expert on this but have experienced some frustrations with the current products and features locked to pricing tiers.

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    Right now, none. The product is young and I haven’t spend time on that. I’be just set up a quick notification bot on Telegram to be informed on one key metric.

    But I’d like to pass more time on it, once there’s more users.

    I’m thinking of using Google Analytics for pure product metrics (how many time that buttons has been clicked?). And something else to track retention, signin/signup - everything user related. I haven’t look on that yet 👀

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    Google Analytics, Chartmogul, Hotjar, for example

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    I feel like it's going to take a while before you spend $10,000/year on say, Mixpanel or Amplitude?

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      Mixpanel doesn't quite do what I want. Mixpanel is still about $1000 for what I'd want. And that doesnt include much outside of tracking data. IF you want any sort of personal profiles aka tracking of accounts or activity threads that is an additional $1000. And that is just for the lowest plans. In my experience of the services in the space most lock their best features and you get stuck with all of your data in their platform, and if you don't agree to their 4,6, 10, 15k prices you're screwed. I specifically got a quote for my previous saas company from one of the big players and the lowest they'd go was 11k. And we were small at the time.

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        What kind of features/capabilities/workflow are you typically looking for?

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