May 7, 2019

How do you truly find out who your target market is?

Kevin D.H Kim 🤘 @kebeentrill

So finding out who you are really targeting and who you are building it for is important. But I'm wondering how you can actually do this more efficiently. For example, as a builder, you have a target market you are thinking of, but after you launch a product, it may be that you were completely off around your assumptions. Is there a way to figure this out before launching a product?

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    Jason spoke of how he did customer research for months in his IH podcast and how that helped him develop the product and also give him the confidence that he was launching the right thing, to the right people.

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      Amazing! Listening to it right now :) Thanks!

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    Hi Kevin, I am a big believer in shipping.
    There is no need to build a full-blown product, think about - what is your killer feature? If you have the capabilities build it and ship it and get feedback, no need to spend money on marketing it - there are lots of launch sites you can get exposure and immediate feedback from real potential users.

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      Thanks! Yeah trying to ship it first but getting worried a little haha