Meta April 22, 2019

How does the Indie Hackers get products revenue data?

Billy Hadlow @hadlow

When we add our products to IH, we can connect them to our Stripe accounts and the revenue data from those accounts is pulled across to IH. Are there any guides that show how we can implement this into our apps? Any pointers would be so helpful. I've looked at the Stripe docs but wondered if there was a guide already out there showing exactly how to do just this.



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    I wrote the code a long time ago and don't remember exactly how it works, but more-or-less it just periodically pings the Stripe API, requests your data, and adds it up! Nothing you can't build following by following the Stripe API docs and writing a script that runs regularly.

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      Thanks Courtland! That doesn't sound too difficult, I will go through the Stripe docs a bit more and should figure it out.