September 13, 2019

How does your workplace look like?

Jannis @jayfk


Are you working at home, from the couch. In your own room or somewhere in the livingroom? A coworking place or somewhere in a cafe?

Do you like to be somewhere with other people or do you prefer to work alone?

In general, I prefer to work alone and this is how it looks like.

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    I will show mine when I get my new desk... I promise :D

  2. 1

    Hey !

    This is how it looks, I work in the kitchen, the laptop is a Lenovo T410s, with Linux ubuntu.
    I bought it when I decided to learn how to code, and honestly, I do not really want to give it up... is performing better than other new laptops I had before.

    This Lenovo bought it from my fathers in a law company, so it has huge memory, and quick. !

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      That's awesome! I had a T410 myself some time ago :)

      1. 1

        these laptops are strong!

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    I'm working at a coworking space, but I have just recently started putting more work into making my office look nice. Wish it was done so I could post a picture.

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