Developers May 11, 2020

How fast is your landing page?

Cristian @XCS

Saw a new page-speed testing site yesterday on HN:

Post the link to your report in your comments.

My result for
Looks pretty good, it's just a PHP site with Cloudflare on top, but removing the unnecessary 3rd party scripts really helped.


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    Prismatext is scoring in the low/mid 90s across the board (woo!), which contrasts with what its performance Google Audits has been (anywhere between 65-85).

    It has me wondering: does Google Audits penalize websites if they aren't using AMP or some other Google service/plugin?

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      When you say Google Audits, you mean Lighthouse? I don't think they penalize the site for not using Google technologies, I do get 100 performance even though I don't use any Google script on my page.

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        That's the one. Whatever is under the "Audits" tab in Chrome :P

        I've got some Shopify bloatware, but Cloudflare is a really useful utility. Have you upgraded to any of the premium services? Is it worth it?

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          I only used the Free version. I considered upgrading so I could have more Page rules enabled.

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            Same, but I'm considering the $20/mo so I can upload big-ass images and have them optimized and cached automatically.

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    Nice like how it does multiple locations, one thing I found lacking on other pagespeed tests.

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    SubscriptionZero got 96. Yay! 🚀🎉🎊🥳

    My stack is HTML + CSS. No JS involved! This landing page was hacked together really quickly and in hindsight that was the best decision I took. The page has a steady 20% conversion too!

  4. 1 is slow on page load due to what I think is third-party JavaScript.

    What can I do to speed things up?

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    99, but only after the second time for
    I'm wondering how do they weight their scores because our results greatly depend on the country.

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    Didn't now about this page. Thanks!

    Got 94 with :D

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      That's pretty good. Your illustration images are huge (~300KB each), try using the SVG version of them if you can, they will be like 10KB each instead and better quality.

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        Thanks for the tip. Yeah must definetly optimize that!

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    Good find!

    Shipyard is hovering around 80. Not great, but not bad either. Some of that may be out of our control for relying on Webflow so heavily.

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      About your tool, I think it's really interesting but I am confused about the functionality. Does it only find duplicate content or does it also remove it (eg. send DMCA notices) ?

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        It prepares everything for you so you can be more productive: DMCAs and emails.

        First, it gives you enough context so you can quickly confirm which potential thefts are actually stealing content.

        Then if it is indeed stolen, the tool prepares the emails and DMCAs for you to send.

        1. For all fraudulent domains copying your pages: full pre-filled email with all data, to send to the domain owner.

        2. For a page with many thefts, the challenge is to find the right sentence to use in the DMCA. PlagiaShield processes all texts and provides you with the DMCA content to copy-paste. In most cases, even if you have hundreds of thefts for a page, you only end up with at most 3 DMCAs to do.

        It is free up to 500 monitored pages.

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      Nice! One think about your landing page, I was waiting for some background image to load, as there is a lot of white-space at the top, but I think that's intended. It feels like something is missing or alingment is strange as hero text is not centered (on 4k resolution).

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        Yep this is intended😄 You're actually the first one to mention this but I can imagine you expect some background image. I'm a fan of minimalism.

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          Having the text at the bottom of the page with so much white-space on top makes it hard to read for me, as I am used to reading top-to-bottom.

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          I understand that it's supposed to be clean/minimal, but the alignment feels off:

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            Thanks for the clarification. I think I'll use some less padding on huge screens then.

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    This is nice tool. I got some scores for I can brag with 😎
    P.S. Not as good as yours, but not bad either

    alt text

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      One thing I noticed on your page is that you have a 100kb lori-logo served as png, but looks like a SVG logo. You should use the SVG file if you still have it, as it will be A LOT smaller and better quality.

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        Thank you Cristian. That was great observation, I will make sure I fix this.

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      It's fast enough, and looks better than my page 😅

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    Not actually sure how correct it is I'm afraid... We're struggling a lot with the speed of our platform but we also got 100 performance score ;)

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      What is your site? I think they use Google Pagespeed Inisghts plus some extra metrics, so the score should be pretty relevant.

      1. 1
        When I re-did it it seems to be working - getting the same low result as on our google analytics, haha.

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            Thanks, we got 4 :)
            Good points though. We're def gonna give some extra love to fixing this. Thanks for sharing the app!

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      Nice, your site loads instantly for me. Where do you host it?

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        This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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          Netlify rocks.... I have all there.

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