May 19, 2019

How good's your pivot?

Mukhtar Raage @mooraage

We talk about pivotting a lot in the startup community but how often do you pivot and when is pivoting not the solution. Instead you need to keep going.

Any successful pivot stories?

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    Slightly tangential, but one pivot mistake I've seen (and done) is this:

    You work through the original idea super rigorously, validating and testing and launching fast and talking to users and whatever else. It sorta works, but not enough, so you pivot something major.

    But instead of going back and validating the new direction, the team feels that they're already past that, so they jump straight into execution mode, thinking that since Plan A was disproven, "Not Plan A" is therefore proven.

    I think "good pivots" mean taking a step backwards in validation as well as product/strategy. (This is less applicable if you're keeping the problem and customer constant and just iterating the product, but that's arguably not a pivot, just an iteration.)

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    • Slack started as a multiplayer gaming web-app

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    • Youtube started as an online dating site
    • Twitter provided a directory and searching website for podcast