Ideas and Validation October 21, 2020

How has COVID affected your strategic vision?

Yuval Adam @yuvadm

6+ months into the global pandemic we find ourselves in, it's clear that many paradigms are beginning to shift.

Whether or not you consider this crisis part of a larger collapse, there are surely lessons to learn and adaptations to be made in light of our changing definition of reality.

How have the past months affected you and your work? What personal changes have you made? How have the products you are envisioning or building been affected by recent trends? What do you expect for the near future?

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    I'm feeling a lot more confident post-covid, because in a weird way I've seen that if you stick to your values, when everything else becomes irrelevant (like going out to social events, being able to physically show up in places, etc) you can still create and keep creating as long as you hold on to those values.

    Might sound weird but I feel a lot more normal in quarantine, I am able to focus on what matters, and I feel good to know that the world is evolving to a similar mindset.

    I have always wanted to build software that solves sth that matters, no matter the circumstances (a.k.a. even if the world collapses) and I'm finding the current status quo quite similar to that.

    Personally, I'm able to create more, confide more in my ideas, be a lot more resilient in trying and failing and trying again. I am able to cancel out the noises made by things that don't matter.

    I'm expecting the creator empowerment trend to keep rising. For starters, mainstream media and education is becoming irrelevant by day and creators in those spaces have a lot of potential.

    Mental health, wellness and personal development are other rising niches.

    How was my product affected? I guess the short answer is my vision hasn't changed (given that I got the idea before covid but started building in quarantine) but my confidence in the problem I'm solving has increased. I strive to help poeople 1)educate themselves about parent&child psychology 2)take control of their mental health my building a healthy mindset. These are more important than ever, in a world where families are stuck inside their homes & all they can hold on to is their sanity.

    Having said these, I am deeply moved by the millions of lives lost to this plague and how gvmts have failed to timely respond, leaving people in agony and despair. All lives lost and all first responders putting their lives at stake deserve our deepest respect while discussing any slightly positive outcome of covid, so I wanted to add this too.

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      I really appreciate your perspective, Basak! It encourages me to hear that it's possible to find clarity and focus despite all the turmoil.

      Your analysis that mental health, wellness and creator empowerment are rising trends is spot on. It's going to be very interesting to see which new initiatives in this field will catch on.

      Furthermore, I couldn't agree more about the final comment you made. I know it falls outside the usual focus of communities like IH, but governments all over the world are becoming weaker and less relevant over time, and personally I would really like to see more non-profit community-based initiatives take over those responsibilities instead of leaving them to be solved by commercial enterprises.

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        I appreciate your thoughtful response! Thanks for making me ponder on these.

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