Looking to Partner Up September 22, 2020

How have you gone about finding a co-founder?


I'm looking for a co-founder and wondering if any of you have tried to do this in a pandemic world and what has been the most effective way so far?

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    It’s a tricky one. I’d say just keep posting about what you do and asking for what you need. You’ll get there eventually. Most people I’ve partnered with messaged me following posts here and there where I said I was looking for business partners.

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    IMO you can always get lucky and fall into some kind of serendipity. When you call they will come. What worked for me so far is to just grind through a little bit of networking in order to get closer to people. When you do expectation management right and everyone is on the same page you can get real far. Once you have someone you want to further "validate" you should do some form of co-founder dating, which is basically asking each other the real questions. Make sure you are aligned in your core values. Make sure you are able to clearly and transparently communicate with each other. Make sure you are not shying away when shit hits the fan. And from there you iterate. Hit me up if you want to figure this out more. <3

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      thanks Tim @xh3b4sd I'm going draft an inquiry with what I'm looking for (the expectations) and then share it around with my network, then starts having more conversations. Someone recommended a framework called "The Partnership Charter" by David Gage as a way to align a partnership. Regardless, let's say Hi sometimes!

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        Looks like you are on your way. I like that. Hit me up on Twitter and we connect further if you like. All the best. :)

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    Hi, I am looking for a co-founder too, what kind of startup are you thinking?

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      HI @pdaher! Thank for the note. We use technology to advance craftsmanship and sit between the fit tech and marketplace segments, targeting tailors / makers and eventually will open up to other markets such as fit management and data analytics. Would love to chat if you're interested https://tailoru.com/ :)

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        Hi! congratulations it looks great! unfortunately I don't have knowledge or passion on that area to cofound your startup, but I wish you the best. Maybe you could think to sell this technology to big retail companies too. Best of luck!

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    I've always thought a co-founder should be a person you've known for a while, so I would look at my acquaintances first.

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      Yea one of my goals this week is to write a co-founder email to all of my peeps just to see if someone in my circle is up for a challenge.

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