Growth July 10, 2020

How HEY made us care about their email service

Harry Dry @harrydry
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    Wasn't there an attempt at redoing the inbox that had a massive signup list and people losing their minds about it? Last year or a few years back? For it to go flat right away?

    Also, Hey email really wafts of fanboying. I hate hating on things but I just feel like everyone is so busy talking about Hey's 'smart' marketing when in reality, take away the existing brands and names behind it and chances are no one would care. It's Elon Musk telling people that he will launch a flame thrower roomba and everyone buying it.....because Elon.

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      Yes, there's loads of “fanboying”. And yes, if you take out Jason Fried and DHH there's much less hype.

      But that's why i found it interesting to dig into.

      Jason Fried and DHH didn't win their “fans” in the lottery. They built their audience with great marketing + storytelling (and great products).

      So, that's what I'm trying to explain!

      I don't have an opinion on their email service as a product. I'm trying to explain how they positioned it. Which is imo pretty smart!

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        100% agree. There's SO much strategy that can be learned from actually studying what they do instead of dismissing it as "hype" and internet fame.

        Not the first time either. My partner Amy did a two part takedown of how an agency owner accused 37signals of misleading people to believe that the shift from agency to product was worth pursuing (which, on its face, is a silly claim to begin with) but here we go:

        Also, famous people launch things all the time that flop - movie studios and the music industry have even built it into their economics. I remember a story years ago when Gumroad first launched that Eminem tried selling direct to his fans on Twitter (with millions of followers and global fame) and to nothing.

        Indie Hackers tend to intensely misunderstand fame and hype instead of trying to study the psychology and learn from it. Super into your analysis!

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          Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Cheers for sharing Alex.

          Never new it was their third product. The end is absolutely quality and hits the spot exactly imo. Just quoting it on here:

          Unlike Richard Banfield, who admits at the very end of his own rant:

          “As 37Signals releases yet another book and another great new product I’m reminded that I still haven’t got round to finishing my first book.”

          Perhaps, just perhaps, that has something to do with it*

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      Totally agree with this.

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    I don't like the design very much but the product is a solid winner. Initial marketing was pretty good too!