How I built Creatorbase using 100% No-Code - We just launched on Product Hunt!

Hey fellow Indie Hackers 👋 !

We just launched Creatorbase on Product Hunt today!

Creatorbase is the best place for creators to find the tools and resources they need to succeed:
✅ A Searchable database of a 300+ Creator Tools
✅ Detailed data on each Tool / Startup like pricing, funding data, makers
✅ A curated library of some of the best thought leadership on the Creator Economy
✅ Database is updated regularly to add new tools and remove less relevant ones
✅ Many more in-depth features to add value to the Creator Economy on the roadmap!

You can support us by:

  1. Supporting us on Product Hunt via this link
  2. Share our launch on your socials to enhance our reach!

🤔 So how did I build Creatorbase?

After doing a ton of research online, and debating whether to do something simpler such as just using Softr with Airtable, I decided I wanted much more in-depth functionality as well as more customisations in anticipation of more features I may want to add in the future.

I eventually decided on a no-code stack of:

1. Airtable
Airtable serves as my backend database and single source of truth. Any content change that needs to be made, is made on Airtable. Here I store my list of founders, tools, articles and more. I also use this to fulfil any 'form' needs such as my form for users to submit new tools!

2. Webflow
I mainly went with Webflow since I had alr built 1 personal site before and had some familiarity but have also heard good things about Bubble. I really liked webflow as it allows for as much flexibility as possible while still being easy to use and no-code. Here I bought the CMS plan used Zapier to link my airtable databases and the webflow CMS to deploy all the content on the website

3. Zapier
I have a constant love / hate relationship with zapier. While what it does connecting different applications approaches magic, the price is insanely high for individuals. Regardless, I paid for a higher tier plan and used various ZAPs to move content from my airtable into the webflow and vice versa. Since only the initial setup will require me to use 2000+ zaps, I'll likely switch back down to a lower subscription tier after

4. Jetboost
Jetboost is a god-send. It basically allows you to do certain things in webflow that are impossible or really hard to do right now. s/o to jetboost's creator Chris Spags for making such an amazing but simple to use tool!

And that's mainly about it! I also used Figma for a bit to design some marketing collateral and clean up some of the logo images for the different tools as well.

Hope this helps you on your own no-code journey. Do hit me up on Twitter if you need any help or advice as you are building your own product or just wanna make new friends in the space!

Also don't forget to support our product hunt LAUNCH here:


PS: Also DM me or comment below if you want to advertise your product on the site and I'll hit you up with a discounted rate (only valid for the next 12 hours) !

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